Core LSHTM THRiVE staff:

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David Mabey, Professor of Communicable Diseases

David, a co-investigator of THRiVE, is responsible for the overall development, management, coordination and direction of the project at LSHTM.


saidi kapiga portrait

Saidi Kapiga, Non-clinical Reader

Saidi is the Deputy Director of THRiVE and also the Scientific Director of the Mwanza Intervention Trials Unit (MITU), in Tanzania. He provides administrative and scientific leadership, facilitates communications between the collaborating institutions, and also supervises the THRiVE PhD students.


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Jim Todd, Non-clinical Reader

Jim, who is based in Moshi (Tanzania), heads the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at KCMUC. He coordinates the contributions of LSHTM staff to the training programme at KCMUC, and supervises their PhD students.


Jenny Renju, Non-clinical Lecturer

Jenny, who is also based at Moshi, is responsible for the organisation and coordination of the Masters in Epidemiology and Applied Biostatistics. She also supervises and advises PhD students within KCMUC to ensure they are able to apply correct study design, field work and statistical techniques in their research and analysis.


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Tara Mtuy, Research Fellow

Tara, based at KCMUC, provides assistance to several research groups to develop their grant proposals and become effective researchers. She also teaches on the MSc in Epidemiology and Applied Biostatistics at KCMUC.


Seema Vyas, Non-clinical Lecturer

Seema, who is also based at KCMUC, works closely with Jenny and Tara to provide assistance to researchers and assists in the teaching of the MSc in Epidemiology and Applied Biostatistics course on a part-time basis.


Shelley Lees, Social Scientist

Shelley Lees (LSHTM) is currently working with staff at KCMUC to develop the curriculum for a new MSc in Social Sciences in Health.  The exciting new course is due to commence in early 2015.


Frankie Liew

Frankie Liew, Project Coordinator

Supports the Consortium at LSHTM with travel arrangements, photocopying, communication and other administrative tasks; responsible for all aspects of the project budget, ensuring budgetary transfer internally and to partners; prepare annual coordination workshops; and, maintain contact with PhD supervisors and lecturers at the LSHTM.



Other LSHTM THRiVE staff:

Senior academic staff from LSHTM are providing supervision in kind to PhD and post-doctoral THRiVE fellows in partner institutions. They assist with research planning, implementation, conducting research and analysis, writing reports and completing the thesis; conduct face-to-face supervision with their students; andare involved in giving lectures at partner institutions during their supervision visits.


LSHTM Supervisors for THRiVE PhD and post-doctoral fellows:

Simon Brooker

Oona Campbell

Steve Cose

Chris Drakeley

Alison Elliott

Alison Grant

Saidi Kapiga

Hugh Reyburn

Cally Roper

Janet Seeley

David Schellenberg

Liam Smeeth

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