THRiVE and EA DTM&H course

Trop-Med-Snake (draft) May12                                                                         2013 East African DTM&H Graduation1

The East African Diploma in Tropical Medicine & Hygiene (EA DTM&H) course, which began in 2011 and is taught in East Africa, is closely linked to THRiVE. The 3-month course, for up to 60 doctors, is directed by Dr Philip Gothard and administered by LSHTM THRiVE staff, with Professor David Mabey chairing the Exam Board and Frankie Liew as the Course Administrator.  The course receives a lot of applications from around the world, with 40 places allocated for the international fee-paying students and 20 places are reserved for East African students for whom scholarships are provided (the Class of 2013 is pictured above). THRiVE staff at LSHTM, KCMUC and Makerere contribute to the teaching on this course as well as from staff at University of Washington and Johns Hopkins University in USA.


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